International Movement for a Libido Ecology (M.I.E.L.)
Prevention of neuroses and emotional plague, education, training and research


Prevention of neuroses and emotional plague, education, training and research

"What's the point of a revolution without general,
general copulation, copulation, copulation?"

Peter Weiss, in Marat-Sade.

"Why don't we do it in the road ?"
The Beatles, 1968

January 2009: we launch a new topic: a set of practical files on how to modify our usual behaviors in order to progress towards democracy.

May 68 2008: The spirit of May 68, 40th birthday of the sexual revolt of the youth. Today: fascist Europe is on its way.
“The more I make love, the more I want to make the revolution; the more I make the revolution, the more I want to make love.” Slogan of May 68.
Do you know that the vast majority of individuals living in the industrialized society are either neurotics or suffering from the emotional plague?

There are two types of neurotics: those who know that they are such (and who are curing themselves or plan to do so) and the others…
Those who are suffering from the “emotional plague” are not conscious of it and they can not stand any light shed on the mechanisms of their sickness. In opposition to the neurotics, they project their destructive impulses in the social life.
The majority of the neuroses originate in sexual repression and the repression of the expression of emotions and feelings. It is the same for the emotional plague.

“The sexual freedom is only apparent in the current society. (...) The sex, aroused and repressed, directed and exploited in innumerable forms of material and cultural industry, is absorbed, institutionalized, managed by society - to better manipulate it.”
Theodor W. Adorno, “Sexual taboos and right, today”, in Critical models. Intervention-counterparts, Payot, Paris, 1984, p. 79.

Question: how can sick people give birth to a healthy model of society?

Do you know that our general health condition, both psychic and physical , is primarily conditioned by the circulation of energy in our body?

This energy, the approach of which is familiar to the Far-Eastern philosophies and therapies as well as to the Shamans, is vital energy, common to the living beings. It is sexual energy (aka libido).
However one of the effects of sexual repression is to create obstacles preventing this energy from circulating. These obstacles can sometimes lead to cancer.

To recognize, accept and feel this continuity between the human being and the rest of the world is begin an ecologist.

Do you know which is the more determining common point between exploitation (submission) and fascism (emotional plague)?

It's their common root: sexual repression
This is why fascism is not an “accident in history”, on the contrary, it cannot be separated from the capitalist system.
As for religious fanaticism, they cannot be separated from sexual repressive systems.
The repression of sexuality carves the dominant ideology into the psychic and body structure of the dominated individuals. See “materialization of ideology and emotional plague”.

“Old fashioned fascism, however common and powerful in many countries, is not the new current problem. Other fascisms are being prepared. A whole neo-fascism settles compared to which old fashioned fascism looks like folklore. Instead of being a policy and an economy of war, the neo-fascism is a world agreement on safety, for the management of a “peace” not less terrible.”
Gilles Deleuze in Two insane regimes, Ed. de minuit, Paris, 2003.

To address the issues from the root is to be radical…

To address these issues, at the articulation of the individual and the collective, is the aim of political psychoanalysis and political social psychology.

What can you do to fight neuroses?

We also offer a lesson in sexual education, formations and scientific researches, what it takes to think and guidelines for action.

Everything you always wanted to know about libido ecology: read the F.A.Q.

A poster from M.I.E.L. :
"Halting sexual repression means drying up the energy source of exploitation and fascism."

To stop sexual repression is to dry up the energy source of the exploitation and Fascism
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Non-profit association, of general interest, created July 24th, 2003.
Our association is not linked to any political party nor to any religious movement.

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